Newport Beach Car Renting

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Would you like to cruise around Newport Beach while you are on your vacation ? If so, then continue reading this article to find out more information on renting cars in California.

It happened two years ago when I went to Newport Beach with my friend. We wanted to rent a car to cruise around the city. Our mutual friend recommended us enVus luxury rental service and we immediately headed there. The professional service we heard of can be seen from the look of their company firstly. All I can say is that I was delighted ! Really professionally and kindly !

Firstly we were welcomed by two pretty women, who were agents in the company. Courtesy and kindness are two words that perfectly describe the agents. After small chat, they offered us some discounts for certain vehicles that were available that day. We wanted to rent a coupe luxury car, so they suggested us red Ferrari 458 Coupe, which was on rental discount for that day. It cost us somewhere around $45 per day, which was reasonable price (having in mind that the discount was included in that price). After the papers were done, we received the keys and we took off. Now I will tell you some info on this excellent car. Ferrari 458 Coupe has 570 bhp 4.5-litre V8 engine with seven-speed semi-auto gearbox. The engine comes from the Ferrari/Maserati engine family so there is no doubt about the quality of the engine. This car is perfect for fast but stable driving, especially for city-riding. It runs very smoothly and quietly, especially if you cruise slowly down the streets.


Although the car becomes loud if you like very fast driving, but still no one did complain about the sound due to the fact that it is rather inspiring than annoying. The top speed for this car is 325km/h or 202mph, while for 2.9 seconds reaches speed of 62km/h. Designers of this Ferrari developed E-diff and F1-Trac traction system, aimed for improving car’s cornering and longitudinal acceleration. In a nutshell, this car is perfectly designed for someone who likes fast and safe driving, with ability of easier conquering of corners. So please go ahead and visit any luxury car rental in Los Angeles or any nearby area!

We rented the car for five days, so we spent $225 on renting service (plus additional fees like insurance for example) but we didn’t regret, not even for a second. The condition of the rented car was excellent and exactly as promised. The interior of the car was intact, without a single stain or scratch. Another thing which proved their quality was situation where me and my friend had to deliver the car back outside of working hours. Since we had unpredictable situation and could not return the car on the time, we contacted the office and explained the problem. They were reasonable and understood our problem, so they scheduled someone to be there to pick the car we rented. I was really surprised since they wanted to meet us halfway. EnVus company has completely justified their respectful reputation of a secure and loyal luxury rental car service, so next time you find yourself in Newport Beach, don’t hesitate to contact them !


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Luxury Car Rental in Los Angeles

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In the world there are many types of cars. They can be sports car, business cars, family cars, or just “lady” cars. If you want to drive an expensive car, and you don’t have enough money to buy one, the best solution for your problems is to rent one. You can drive different types of cars. Also you can rent it for few hours, and then pick another one. You can literally do whatever you want.
Los Angeles is a big city, where in any time something is going on.
That can be wedding, some concerts, movie premiere, or political meeting, and all those people who are rich, also are in the need of cars.
No one from them will have his own limousine.
The biggest rent companies are widespread all over the world.

You can find the same company in America, Europe, in United Kingdom, or in Asia. Having your rental company around the globe is a very good thing for you. In this way you can earn more, and you will get your own customers. If your service is good, people will come back and in any time they will rent a car from you. A perfect example of this is any orange county car rental company.
All rental companies will guarantee you security and the best service in the world. If you want to go in some rental companies you are very lucky because they are on every corner. People are very friendly there and helpful. They will also try to solve your every problem. You can pick any car very easy at these parking lots
if you rent a car and it suddenly got broke, you can call your rental company and they will give you another car for the same price and you won’t pay for the recovering of the broken one. You need of course to keep your agreement with company safe so you can prove it.
Something like this can happen to any of us.

These companies are in most cases near airports, near train stations, or near bus stations. They will do everything just to give you the very same feeling of security. Also every rental company has the latest cars. So you can take them and drive. For example: They have the latest Porsches, Lamborghinis, BMW-s, Audis, and they have also the latest Limousines.
All of these cars are really expensive, but if you have the money, and if you have the chance to drive this beauties, why not?
Those cars look very good, strong and powerful, so they are the best solution for those people who like power and speed.

Every car that was before two or three years produced has the best radios, or MP3 players some of them have the newest air conditioners, and some of them have their own TVs on seats.
You can enjoy in these beautiful cars, and be the first one who will drive the latest cars on Los Angeles streets.

Don’t forget to book in advance in order to get discounts or even get a great car for a lower price.

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Luxuries of the Luxuries Car Rentals in LA

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If you are looking for the most luxurious rent a car companies in LA then you should definitely check Beverly Hills Rent-a –Car company. They are offering all sorts of luxurious cars, SUV’s, Sporty Cars, Hybrids etc. In their arsenal and parking lots they have a real fleet of any car that you could wish. Let’s check out some of these excellent vehicles.

One of the most expensive cars for rent is definitely Ferrari 458 Spider. This is a supercar when it comes to performance. It has a great V8 engine and seven speed transmissions. It has many great features like Aluminium body shell and chassis, double wishbone front suspension, Multi-link rear suspensions, F-1 traction control, Driver and passenger side airbags, Manettino- steering and much, much more. This is one of the best Ferraris in the world and renting price of this car is about $2500 per day and this is really expensive. If you are looking for a maximum experience and performance and you have money, of course this Ferrari 458 is something great to try out.


Another super sports car that can accompany Ferrari is definitely The Lamborghini Gallardo LP550. This brand of car is very good known in recent car history. This monster car with 5.2 Liter V10 Engine and 543 Horse Power is definitely something strong. Its great body only makes the car effect doubled. This car is made for those drivers who want to be seen. Driving of this car is very dynamic and allows the driver more secure steering.

If you are not a fan of high speeds and you still want some classy car then you should check out The Cadillac XTS. Driving in it gives you confident feel and seeing it on street gets you into some sort of a fit. It has very good ambient interior lightning for those high class individuals. The car specs suits Cadillac very good. It has V6 engine with 3.6 L and 304 Horse Power which is a great thing when it comes to cars of this sort. It has been made for five passengers and has enough luggage space.


If you check the site of this company you will see that these cars are very hard to book. Sometimes you need to book a few months in advance in order to get the wished car. Some luxury car rentals Los Angeles offer special prices if you didn’t order in advance.

Apart of these glorious cars there is one which is also very popular and it is the Chevrolet Suburban. This huge car really provides you security and stability on the road. Its black colours give it very important shiny look. One of its natural characteristics is its size and capacity for cargo. If you are travelling with your family on a trip or a vacation this Chevy is a very good choice when it comes to size and reliability.

Don’t forget to book your car in advance in order to get your car at the right time and be careful when choosing because refunding is impossible.

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About Renting a Car and Rent – a – Car Companies

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Car renting agencies are agencies who are giving their automobiles for a rent to a customer who is called renter. You can rent your car for an hour, a day, and few days, few weeks or even months. These companies have their branches all over the world so you can return your vehicle to some other location. You don’t have to get it back from the place where you rent it.


Car renting companies were founded somewhere after the Second World War. They were mostly based in America. These companies still exists today and they are real magnates when it comes to this business. Have you ever heard about Enterprise Rent-A-Car or National Car Rental? In Europe, Europacar is quite popular. One of the oldest companies in the world was Sixt, a German company with its HQ in Munich. This Company is one also one of the oldest companies that are still in the business.

Back in the days there was a problem with communications and booking, but now things are much simpler. Only thing that you should do is to visit a web site of your rent a car company where you want to rent a car and you book it. Depending on your needs you can acquire all sorts of features and additions with it. If you book your car early, you can get all sorts of bonuses and discounts. If you have any problem with your car, you can call your company and they will provide you any help that you need.

Renting a car is a very simple thing. Technology has made such advancement so you can book your car from the phone. There are all sorts of cool apps for it.The most interesting thing is that you can make arrangements, for instance if you want that your car wait you on your airport or you need an extra driver or even baby seat, just say that to your company and they will give you that. In the past that was harder. In these days cars are modern and that means that they are more reliable. You don’t need to worry if they broke out. They won’t because most of these cars are in very good condition and they are produced in the past three years so they still have guaranties.

There are few things that you should watch for. When you want to book your car, make sure that you have checked the other companies and their offerings. Lots of these companies are offering cars cheaper in order to attract more customers.rent_car_getty Be careful because once you have booked your car there is no come back for your money. You can transfer your reservation to some friend but be sure that the company won’t give your money back. Some companies that fit the description of ThisLosAngeles, do offer money back, but in rare occasions.

Every company has its policies so make sure that you have checked it before you sit in your car. It wasn’t a bad thing if you read your contract before the driving. The most important thing is to enjoy in your driving, vacation or a business trip.


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My Experience With the Luxury Car Rentals

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Luxury cars are for reason called luxury cars. You look more serious and more attractive when you are driving some luxurious car. Of course, not everybody can afford expensive cars, but that is why we have car rental agencies.. I will tell you my story about renting car and why I did it at the first place. I was kind of skeptical person when it comes to the car rentals.

When I moved to Los Angeles, I had Toyota Corolla (the ninth generation of this car) which was ready for sale. I wanted so badly a car like Bentley, but I couldn’t afford it since my salary didn’t allow me that. But then I bumped into enVus car rental company that has some classy cars for reasonable price. At that time, my Corolla had broken, so it wasn’t worth fixing it. Also, I was getting prepared for my new job interview in LA, so in favor of increasing my chances for getting the job, I decided to rent a car. I wanted to look more professional. I went to Santa Monica and found enVus HQ and asked for a car offer. One of the girls that worked there, after I had explained to her why I needed the luxurious car, she suggested me Mercedes CLS63 AMG. I have never been a fan of Mercedes, but this one was off the hook ! I had no idea what the car looked like, but after I had seen it, I fell in love with it immediately . So I rented the car and the next day I went for the interview.


After I had  parked my car, everybody looked at me with respect, thinking I was some CEO or something. After the boss have seen me, he asked me couple of ordinary questions, just to be sure I know what kind of work I’m dealing with. My work was related to proofreading of some materials related to French language, since I’m professor of French language. After 5 minutes, he said : “You’ve got yourself job ! “ Now tell me that car doesn’t make you more seriously-taken !

renta-car-beogradI wanted to say before anything that renting cars is profitable business. This is especially true when it comes to You have always people who come to holidays and they want to use car while they are exploring new places. I had other reasons for renting a car, but the point is also that I had great experience with the mentioned company. Renting cars involves more than just taking the keys and riding. It involves insurance, fees, and the most hated thing, reading terms and conditions. Each company has its own regulations and conditions, so it’s crucial to read them carefully before you sign any kind of contract. I recommend enVus since they are professional and always open for questions. Once I sent them an email with several questions, which usually can be found on the company’s web site, but they responded to me in 40 minutes, with detailed and precise answers. Feel free to ask them any questions you have on your mind – they will be more than happy to help you !

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