Would you like to cruise around Newport Beach while you are on your vacation ? If so, then continue reading this article to find out more information on renting cars in California.

It happened two years ago when I went to Newport Beach with my friend. We wanted to rent a car to cruise around the city. Our mutual friend recommended us enVus luxury rental service and we immediately headed there. The professional service we heard of can be seen from the look of their company firstly. All I can say is that I was delighted ! Really professionally and kindly !

Firstly we were welcomed by two pretty women, who were agents in the company. Courtesy and kindness are two words that perfectly describe the agents. After small chat, they offered us some discounts for certain vehicles that were available that day. We wanted to rent a coupe luxury car, so they suggested us red Ferrari 458 Coupe, which was on rental discount for that day. It cost us somewhere around $45 per day, which was reasonable price (having in mind that the discount was included in that price). After the papers were done, we received the keys and we took off. Now I will tell you some info on this excellent car. Ferrari 458 Coupe has 570 bhp 4.5-litre V8 engine with seven-speed semi-auto gearbox. The engine comes from the Ferrari/Maserati engine family so there is no doubt about the quality of the engine. This car is perfect for fast but stable driving, especially for city-riding. It runs very smoothly and quietly, especially if you cruise slowly down the streets.


Although the car becomes loud if you like very fast driving, but still no one did complain about the sound due to the fact that it is rather inspiring than annoying. The top speed for this car is 325km/h or 202mph, while for 2.9 seconds reaches speed of 62km/h. Designers of this Ferrari developed E-diff and F1-Trac traction system, aimed for improving car’s cornering and longitudinal acceleration. In a nutshell, this car is perfectly designed for someone who likes fast and safe driving, with ability of easier conquering of corners. So please go ahead and visit any luxury car rental in Los Angeles or any nearby area!

We rented the car for five days, so we spent $225 on renting service (plus additional fees like insurance for example) but we didn’t regret, not even for a second. The condition of the rented car was excellent and exactly as promised. The interior of the car was intact, without a single stain or scratch. Another thing which proved their quality was situation where me and my friend had to deliver the car back outside of working hours. Since we had unpredictable situation and could not return the car on the time, we contacted the office and explained the problem. They were reasonable and understood our problem, so they scheduled someone to be there to pick the car we rented. I was really surprised since they wanted to meet us halfway. EnVus company has completely justified their respectful reputation of a secure and loyal luxury rental car service, so next time you find yourself in Newport Beach, don’t hesitate to contact them !