Luxury cars are for reason called luxury cars. You look more serious and more attractive when you are driving some luxurious car. Of course, not everybody can afford expensive cars, but that is why we have car rental agencies.. I will tell you my story about renting car and why I did it at the first place. I was kind of skeptical person when it comes to the car rentals.

When I moved to Los Angeles, I had Toyota Corolla (the ninth generation of this car) which was ready for sale. I wanted so badly a car like Bentley, but I couldn’t afford it since my salary didn’t allow me that. But then I bumped into enVus car rental company that has some classy cars for reasonable price. At that time, my Corolla had broken, so it wasn’t worth fixing it. Also, I was getting prepared for my new job interview in LA, so in favor of increasing my chances for getting the job, I decided to rent a car. I wanted to look more professional. I went to Santa Monica and found enVus HQ and asked for a car offer. One of the girls that worked there, after I had explained to her why I needed the luxurious car, she suggested me Mercedes CLS63 AMG. I have never been a fan of Mercedes, but this one was off the hook ! I had no idea what the car looked like, but after I had seen it, I fell in love with it immediately . So I rented the car and the next day I went for the interview.


After I had  parked my car, everybody looked at me with respect, thinking I was some CEO or something. After the boss have seen me, he asked me couple of ordinary questions, just to be sure I know what kind of work I’m dealing with. My work was related to proofreading of some materials related to French language, since I’m professor of French language. After 5 minutes, he said : “You’ve got yourself job ! “ Now tell me that car doesn’t make you more seriously-taken !

renta-car-beogradI wanted to say before anything that renting cars is profitable business. This is especially true when it comes to You have always people who come to holidays and they want to use car while they are exploring new places. I had other reasons for renting a car, but the point is also that I had great experience with the mentioned company. Renting cars involves more than just taking the keys and riding. It involves insurance, fees, and the most hated thing, reading terms and conditions. Each company has its own regulations and conditions, so it’s crucial to read them carefully before you sign any kind of contract. I recommend enVus since they are professional and always open for questions. Once I sent them an email with several questions, which usually can be found on the company’s web site, but they responded to me in 40 minutes, with detailed and precise answers. Feel free to ask them any questions you have on your mind – they will be more than happy to help you !